Our Mission...

RCH Jones Consulting specializes in providing complete financial underwriting & development advisement services for developers and investors of affordable housing communities across the nation.  Located in Boulder, Colorado, our mission is to provide the most informed, comprehensive and tailored advice to our clients.   

Industry Perspective...

As the President of the company, Ryan Hibbard Jones brings an MBA in real estate development & finance and 12 years of experience in both the development of affordable housing and the financial underwriting of equity investments for syndication of low income housing tax credits (“LIHTC”), historic tax credits, investment tax credits (solar and geothermal), state tax credits, bonds, and other affordable housing-based financing.  This dual perspective is one of our cornerstones to providing superior service to the clients we partner with.

Specific Experience...

Ryan's experience in the affordable housing industry includes the following:

  • Member of the Tax Credit Advisory Group for the Colorado Housing & Finance Authority
  • Board Treasurer for Growing Gardens 
  • Board Member Foundation for Affordable Housing 
  • Over 350 LIHTC projects underwritten with national equity syndication firms  
  • Closed over $250 million in both 4% and 9% equity for family, senior, & special needs populations 
  • Over 1,800 LIHTC units built and $400MM in development costs
  • $200MM in bond closings
  • Lead project manager for Boulder Housing Partners, the City of Boulder's housing authority.
  • Funding application manager for the Foundation for Affordable Housing.  
  • Transactions with multiple LIHTC allocating agencies 
  • Rent subsidized housing
  • Various federal capital financing sources including HUD & USDA programs
  • Multiple state & municipal soft (gap) capital financing 
  • Utilization of green build & green energy funding 

Contact Us:  By Phone (303) 305-8128   |   By Email ryan@rchjoneshousing.com  

1539 Pearl St.  |  Boulder, Colorado 80302